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Knoll Acupuncture provides natural health care treatments.

Welcome to Knoll Acupuncture

Proven Healthcare Solutions for Active Lives

Our mission at Knoll Acupuncture is to help clients of all ages. To achieve optimal health and wellness through the practice and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the process of providing professional support for individuals, we also seek to be a leading advocate for natural approaches to health and wellness throughout the community we serve.

To these ends, we continually strive to provide:

  • A safe, comfortable, nurturing and relaxing atmosphere;
  • Exceptional care through acupuncture, nutritional counseling, herbal supplements and adjunct therapies;
  • Personalized leadership to those seeking effective alternative as a first resort;
  • Ongoing education and guidance in the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine and related therapies with every encounter.
  • We've also partnered up with AcuGraph to track your results.